Back to our Roots

This project includes the work in partnership with Spain, Italy, Greece and Malta. This project aims to connect the member countries of the project through a common identity, based on the cultural heritage received from the Greco-Roman civilization and our common Mediterranean background. In order to learn about the traditions of the respective countries, the students will need to create an audiobook where traditional music is played. In this book one will find popular poems from oral lyrical tradition of the four countries. The work for this audio book will be in collaboration with the Arts-Technology and ICT-Economics departments of the respective schools. Through this work, the goal is to reinforce feeling of brotherhood within the European union, to learn more about different countries and traditions and work in teams with the partner organisations.

Our students who come from all over the world will need to learn more about the country they are now living in, which is not their home country (Malta). By working on this project, the students will learn about the history of our island located in the middle of the Mediterranean and it will help them to feel that they belong here and will help to give them a sense of identity.

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