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The IDEAS project is a project which aims at combining the creative aspect of learning through hand on, practical activities. During the project students will work together in teams to solve real problems together not just through memory but rather through the application of the acquired knowledge students will find ways to be proud of […]

Let’s All Go to the Theatre of Our Dreams – A project to combat and reduce bullying in schools

According to the UNICEF report released in 2018, half of the 13-15 year old students (approximately 150 million students) around the world are exposed to peer violence in and around the school. UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore, on the subject: Education is the key to peaceful societies; however, he said the school itself might not […]

Summer School 2022

Applications for our Summer School are now open! Newark Summer School will be held from 4th July 2022 until 26th August 2022, Monday to Friday from 8am until 2pm.   Each week we will have a different theme such as The Jungle, Aquatic Animals, Music, Planets etc. Our group of amazing educators are currently working […]

Intensive English Programme September 2022

  Prior to the start of the next scholastic year, we shall be organizing an intensive English programme for beginners and we believe that this will be beneficial for your children as it will enhance their foundation before they start classes on the 27th of September.   This programme will have a duration of 80 hours […]

Skilfull & Happy

As of this school year, Bakar Elementary School is the holder of another Erasmus + project KA210 SMALL PARTNERSHIPS entitled “Skilfull and happy” which, with partner schools, will spend 20 months working on it, from November 1, 2021 to July 1, 2023. The project team, with the director dr.sc. Tomislav Uzelac-Šćiran, consists of teachers: Maja […]

Innovative Europe

Background Early school leaving is one of the major challenges in education policy within the European Union. According to Eurostat 2017 statistics of early leavers from education and training population in percentage for ages between 18-24 age are ; Spain 18,3 %, Turkey 32%, Malta 18,6%, Italy 14% and Hungary 12,5%. Reducing its incidence to […]