Let’s All Go to the Theatre of Our Dreams – A project to combat and reduce bullying in schools

According to the UNICEF report released in 2018, half of the 13-15 year old students (approximately 150 million students) around the world are exposed to peer violence in and around the school. UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore, on the subject: Education is the key to peaceful societies; however, he said the school itself might not be a safe place for millions of children around the world. While this situation affects the education of children in the short term, it can lead to depression and anxiety, even suicide in the long term. The most intense security problem in educational environments is all kinds of bullying. With this project, we aim to make our project partners more inclusive and peaceful organizations. Our project will tackle all types of bullying and develop critical-creative-collaborative and caring thinking skills of our target groups. Our basic intervention logic is to achieve sustainable results with effective and innovative methods. The thesis that negative emotions are the basis of negative behaviors and negative thoughts are the basis of negative feelings is an accepted thesis in the academic world. This shows that if we want to change a negative behavior, we will have to change the thinking first by following the opposite path. From this perspective, our project will create sustainable changes in the way individuals think about all kinds of bullying. For this, drama, P4C and non-violent communication techniques will be used separately and together. New training contents will be created. Project publications and campaigns to be carried out with the active participation of target groups are also among our effective tools. Prevention of the types of bullying in educational environments is possible by supporting all factors concerning students. For this reason, educators-students and parents were chosen as the target group as the actors involved in the process in our project. Separate activities were planned for these three target groups and the preventive and sustainability dimensions of the project were strengthened. Our General Goal: To contribute to the goal of creating more inclusive and more peaceful learning environments where each individual has the opportunity to realize their potential.


This project is co-ordinated by a partner from Romania. The other partners in this project are from Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia, UK, Greece and Malta.

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