Erasmus+ Project: Outdoor 4 MI – KA220- SCH – Cooperation Partnerships in School Education

The main objective of this Erasmus+ project is to promote outdoor education within the younger generation of EU citizens so as to create an awareness of our natural environment from a young age.

The aim of this project is reached through the divulging Early Childhood Education and Care teachers. In this way, the obstacles which are present in this sector can be observed, as well as providing the teachers with the means necessary to enable the implementation of these Outdoor Education activities among students between the age of 3 and 5.

In light of this, special attention is given to those students who have a physical impairments, since for these students it is more difficult to enjoy the Outdoor Education activities, however through this project this limitation is dealt with, so that no student will be in at a disadvantage, and every student has an equal opportunity to experience Outdoor Education Activities.

Throughout this project, there are a number of multiplier events so that these activities are further promoted. Furthermore, through this project a number of outcomes are expected, namely that the ECEC teachers adapt and are well equipped when it comes to these activities; that teachers are upskilled with regard to mobility impaired children in light of these activities; as well as creating awareness of the importance of Outdoor Education among the families of children, and stakeholders.

This project is co-ordinated by a partner from Tuscany, a region in Italy. The other partners in this project are from Portugal, Cyprus, Romania, Spain, Malta and Lombardy, another region in Italy.