Assistant Head of School with Headship Duties

The vacancy for an Assistant Head of School with Headship Duties has arisen at Newark School Malta.

Newark School Malta invites applications from qualified, eligible educators for the post of Assistant Head of School as of 6th of February 2024.

Purpose and Duties

The core responsibility of the AHoS is to assist and deputise for the Head of School (HoS) in pursuance of his/her role as the school’s Educational and Operational Leader by undertaking such professional and administrative duties as are delegated by the HoS. As part of the Senior Management Team, led by the HoS, the AHoS is also responsible for promoting the ethos of Newark School together with the mission and vision of the school, fostering a climate of genuine collegiality amongst community members of the school, setting the pace through active engagement in the development of a Community of Professional Educators, including through School Development Planning.

The AHoS is expected to:
(i) provide professional leadership in the implementation and the development of the National Curriculum Framework and the Learning Outcomes Framework;
(ii) provide professional leadership in the implementation and the development of the School Development Plan;
(iii) lead and manage the school in its day-to-day operations in the absence of, or in support to, the Head of School, assist in the school’s curriculum by organising and coordinating all activities related to curriculum planning, delivery, assessment and development at school level, contributing when given the opportunity at national level;
(iv) assume responsibility for ensuring educational and personal entitlement of all learners;
(v) lead and coordinate all initiatives related to meeting the needs of individual learners, including children with a statement of needs and those related to Individual Educational Programmes guaranteeing access to learning and assessment.
(vi) develop and maintain an emotionally, psychologically and physically safe, as well as orderly school environment, though a creative and cognitively stimulating climate that is conducive to learning;
(vii) collaboratively create and nurture a Community of Professional Educators, leading by example through active participation;
(viii) coordinate mentoring duties of Newly Qualified/Recruited Educators and others experiencing challenges;
(ix) deputise for the Head of School taking full responsibilities attributed to such role in cases of long term paid and/or unpaid leave, including sick leave or in emergency situations as may be required.

The main responsibilities of the selected candidate shall include the following:
(i) assisting in managing the school or sections of the school as may be determined by the Head of School;
(ii) undertaking any professional duties which may be delegated to him/her by the Head of School;
(iii) in the absence of the Head of School, undertake the management and professional duties of the Head of School
(iv) adopting and working towards the implementation of the school development plan;
(v) providing professional support to teachers in the proper execution of their pedagogical duties, particularly by mentoring new teaching staff;
(vi) co-operating with the Head of School and the School Leadership Team in the implementation and evaluation of curriculum innovation and development within the school;
(vii) acquiring experience and, possibly, further qualification in the management and educational leadership of the School;
(viii) in cases of emergency or when appropriate, taking charge of a class, as directed by the Head of School;
(ix) encouraging participation in EU projects and other projects in accordance with SDP targets and as agreed with the School Leadership Team;
(x) as part of the Senior Management team, the AHoS will support the Head of School to ensure the smooth and effective opening of the scholastic year for education grades and for learners.
(xi) performing any other duties according to the exigencies of the school as directed by the Head of School

Eligibility Requirements

By the closing time and date of this call for applications, applicants must:
(i) be citizens of Malta; OR
(ii) be citizens of another European Union Member State; OR
(iii)be citizens of other countries to which the EU provisions on free movement of persons apply
(in case of difficulty the Director Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to be consulted regarding the countries to which EU provisions apply); OR
(iv)be the spouse and children, even if they are third country nationals, of any person mentioned at (i), (ii) and (iii) above, provided they are eligible to work in Malta under current legislation. This should be determined with the advice of the Director, Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The appointment of candidates referred to at (ii) and (iii) above would necessitate the issue of an employment license in so far as this is required by the Immigration Act and subsidiary legislation.

(v) have the ability to communicate orally and in writing in the Maltese and English languages;

By the closing time and date of this call for applications, applicants must be Teachers in
possession of a Teacher’s Warrant who have not less than ten (10) scholastic years
teaching experience.

Due consideration will be given to applicants in possession of MQF Level 7 qualifications in either one of the following areas: Educational Leadership/Management, SEBD, Inclusion, Mentoring, Curriculum and Counselling or comparable qualifications, as well as directly related experience in the secondary sector.

Qualifications at a higher level than that specified above will be accepted for eligibility purpose, provided they meet any specified subject requirements.

Moreover, candidates who have not yet formally obtained any of the above- mentioned qualifications will still be considered, provided that they submit evidence that they have been approved for the award of the qualifications in question, or successfully completed the necessary ECTS/ECVT credits, or equivalent, taken as part of a higher recognized MQF level program of study, as required in the afore-mentioned eligibility criteria, by the closing time and date of the call for applications.

Newark School adheres to S.L. 327.546 (Recruitment, Initial Training and Continuous Professional Development of Personnel and Protection of Minors in Compulsory Education Regulations 2016) in its recruitment process. 

Submission of Supporting Documentation

Prospective applicants should note the requirement to produce MQRIC recognition statements in respect of their qualifications from Malta Qualification Recognition Information Centre (MQRIC), or other designated authorities, as per provisions applicable to this call for applications.

Qualifications and/or experience claimed must be supported by certificates and/or testimonials, copies of which should be attached to the application. Diploma / Degree / Post-Graduate certificates or comparable qualifications must be accompanied by a transcript in English (Diploma / Certificate supplement), showing the Degree obtained and the final classification. Scanned copies sent electronically are acceptable.

Original certificates and / or testimonials are to be invariably produced for verification at the

Submission of Applications
Interested applicants are required to send a covering letter stating their intent, supported by the necessary documentation and the name of two referees. The applications should include a detailed Curriculum Vitae (Europass CV including email address and contact number).

These documents are to reach the Director of the School, Ms Corinne Farrugia, Newark School, Sliema by not later than noon (Central European Time) of Friday the 1st of March 2024

Applications are to be sent only electronically to and will be acknowledged
by email. Applications sent by post or delivered by hand will not be considered.